Meet 2022 Inbreak Resident Rocio Cisneros-Vasquez

Rocio Cisneros-Vasquez is a 23 year old Mexican-American, Utah-Based artist.
Rocio Vasquez Cisneros
March 28, 2022

Rocio Cisneros-Vasquez is a 23 year old Mexican-American, Utah-Based artist. She was born and raised mostly in Utah. She will be graduating from Brigham Young University with a bachelors in fine arts and a minor in sociology in April 2022. ​

Cisneros-Vasquez has been featured in numerous exhibitions at Brigham Young University and has received multiple grants to create videos about the immigrant experience, including a grant that took her to Tijuana, Mexico. Cisneros-Vasquez also received a jurors choice award in the annual student show at BYU. She currently has work in the Spiritual and Religious show at the Springville Museum of art, where out of over 500 submissions only 80 were accepted by the jury. Cisneros-Vasquez actively pushes to show more diverse voices at BYU where 81% of the student body is caucasian. She has done so by advocating for diverse speakers to be invited at artist lectures and she is currently working on curating an exhibition that will feature the work of women of color in the art program at BYU.

Cisneros-Vasquez’ work is centered around her life experience, and issues regarding race and immigration. She explores the intersection of family history and spirituality and how these themes can help heal generational trauma. She finds inspiration from plights that she, her family, and millions of other migrant families have endured at the hands of strict US immigration laws. She works primarily in photography and video but also takes an interdisciplinary approach to her artmaking, including soft fabric sculptures and oil painting. Her work is narrative, and includes elements such as self portraiture. Much of her work takes on performative rituals and is documented through photo and video. Cisneros-Vasquez merges religious symbols and imagery with the voices of real people who deal with issues of racism and immigration daily.

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