Soleá: Tools to Help You Write Your Own Letra

Alice offers tips for writing letras, or verses, in the Soleá style.
Alice Blumenfeld
May 7, 2022

Tools to help you write your own letra:

  1. A part of nature you notice on a regular basis: ________________

  1. How it can be personified: ______________________

  1. Describe how something that pains you feels in your body: ____________________

  1. Where do you go when you want to be alone: ________________

  1. What comforts you when you feel lonely: ___________________

  1. Something you regret doing: ___________________________

  1. Someone or something you’ve lost: ______________________

  1. Words, memories, or phrases that come up when you think through the movements and exercises we’ve done during this project:


A flamenco verse por soleá needs to be 3-4 lines with 8 syllables each. 

Oftentimes it follows this structure: 

Lines 1 & 2 → one idea 

Description of a place or observation

Description of how you feel

Lines 3 & 4 → another idea related to the first

An action you can take or have taken

An action by someone else

You can follow a rhyme scheme: 






Write your own verse that addresses times you’ve felt alone, sad, lonely, regretful, or were grieving.