Divided by Liberty Worth

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quilt made with cotton and wool, using African wax prints | 46" x 46" | 2021
$ 850.00 USD
$ 850.00 USD
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Artist Statement

I made "Divided" as a lament in the aftermath of 2020. As I had done with other quilts, like "Hope Deferred", I rearranged chopped up triangles to communicate my desire to turn frustration into constructive creation.

At first, the quilt appears comforting, but when you look closer you begin to see how the piece reflects the discomfort of our current times. "Divided" explores the divisions between black and white - not merely between people, but also between differing mindsets and perspectives. The piece encourages us to consider that as we hope for healing we must also walk through our grief and pain in order to get to a new and hopeful place.

- Liberty Worth