Framework by Liberty Worth

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quilt made with cotton | 45" x 45" | 2021
$ 650.00 USD
$ 650.00 USD
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Artist Statement

"Framework" is a distillation of forms, and is my attempt to create a starting point for the public's experience with "Where We Have Been & Where We Hope To Be". Ironically, it was the last piece I created in this body of work. I used the oversized Half Square Triangles to create a very simple layout, demonstrating the simplicity of this project's selected medium.

I had not initially intended to include the colorful triangle of squares, but when I inserted it in a test layout, it seemed to fit. My seven year old son saw it and wanted to know "the meaning" behind the colorful triangles. When I asked him what he thought the meaning was, he looked at it and said, "I think it's about diversity". Hearing this, I knew it was the right touch to complete the piece.

- Liberty Worth