Marcela's Migration by Liberty Worth

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Collaboration with Marcela Khedry Ibanez • quilt made of cotton and wool | 30" x 30" | 2021
$ 350.00 USD
$ 350.00 USD
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Artist Statement

Here I intend to show the migration of my father from Alexandria, Egypt to Mexico City, Mexico. and [then] back to Egypt.

The starting point is the third black square from [the left moving right and traveling downward]. It then disperses throughout, on to different places, [with the last movement depicting my father] finally coming back home.

He, as a youngster, was sent to boarding school in Alexandria. Later, he went to Europe to finish his studies and lived there for some years. Afterwards he settled in Mexico City where I was born. The piece, I hope, reflects not only the migration of my father, but also some of the challenges [he] encountered, such as disruptions, blocked roads, and broken dreams and purposes before [he] finally [made his way] back home to Egypt.

- Marcela Khedry Ibanez