Oppression by Liberty Worth

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Collaboration with Anne Bray • quilt made of cotton and wool | 45" x 45" | 2021
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$ 350.00 USD
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Artist Statement

Design by Anne Bray

During the “Where We Have Been and Where We Hope To Be” workshop with Liberty Worth, we explored the concept of oppression.

Questions arose:

Am I an oppressor?

Were my ancestors?

At the top, surrounding the white “stampers”, I used US state tartans from the states that my family lives in. (Tartans to reference my Scottish heritage.)

The white areas signify the heavy pushing down of white oppression/suppression.

At the bottom are triangles of textiles from the 18 African nations involved with the American slave trade. The black arrows signify their effort to rise up.

Months later, I realized that if the quilt is flipped 180º, the Africans have indeed risen and are honored on pedestals.

Is it possible to flip our own perceptions?

- Anne Bray