Privilege by Liberty Worth

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quilt made with cotton, wool, silk, brocade | 54" x 54" | 2021
$ 975.00 USD
$ 975.00 USD
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Artist Statement

Privilege doesn’t see itself or what it has. It holds the microphone without being aware of its own existence.

One of the biggest abuses of privilege is wielding the ability to deny it exists.

Admission is the doorway to dismantling privilege.

This piece was constructed from textiles that represent many different minority cultures present in the United States. The stories within these cultures are often overshadowed by a story of whiteness. The story of whiteness is oblivious to the beauty of diversity, and does not respond to nor take into account diverse perspectives. Great wealth, strength and beauty are lost when one voice dominates the narrative.

Those with privilege can begin to unravel the threads that form whiteness to reveal that there is great beauty, wholeness, and healing to be discovered when humility and honoring others take the stage.

- Liberty Worth