Excavating Echoes: 2022 Inbreak Residency Exhibition Opening Reception

Explore an interdisciplinary exhibition featuring art and community projects by the 2022 Inbreak Residents.
Inbreak Team
May 7, 2022

"What is your relationship with and responsibility to history in this place called the United States? What must you re-member?" - Lauret Savoy, author of "Trace"

"I must try to trace what has marked me." - Lauret Savoy, author of "Trace"

How do we live today in the shadows of yesterday's heartaches and bruises? Are we responsible for centuries-old history? How can we possibly carry the weight of so much collective memory? Hosted by the Inbreak Collective, Excavating Echoes is a call to re-member our collective and individual stories. By honoring lineage, ancestry, and land we acknowledge that we are a knot on the thread of time, one more echo in a resounding chamber of livelihoods. Our stories, though brief, carry with them the fruit of those who came before us and the seeds for those who will live after us.

Four participants of the 2022 Inbreak Residency offer diverse explorations of communal echoes. Through their residency projects they asked questions such as:

• Who are we if we do not know the textures and shapes of ancestry that form us?

• What does it mean to exist in the in-betweens of home and foreign place and of memory and loss?

• What do we carry in our bodies? What forms of trauma and healing make their presences known through the works of our hands?

• In what ways are our identities lost or mangled if we do not have grounding places to anchor us?

These and other questions invite us to consider how our lineages, memories, and ancestry mark us, and how those marks inform what we are leaving for future generations.

Meet the 2022 Inbreak Residents!

Alice Blumenfeld

Young-Ly Hong Chandra

Rocio Cisneros-Vasquez

William Wallace III

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