Let's (He)Art: Community Lament 1

Karina offered a reflection after participating in Inbreak resident Young-Ly Hong Chandra's residency project "Let's (He)Art: Community Lament".
May 6, 2022

Blessed are those who mourn, for they will be comforted . Matthew 5:4 

This came at a great time because I've been mulling over ending my Air Force career this year, and  it brought up a lot of feelings concerning my Air Force career and the impact it's had one my life. I've always wanted to read my Afghanistan deployment journal but never quite had the strength. So I  read a number of pages for the first time since I wrote it in 2018 and it was so enlightening, therapeutic, raw, and real. Most lines brought me to tears while others made me laugh. I did this in preparation of the cutting activity, and it gave me a lot to think about. I asked God to allow me to  feel His presence while I read my journal, processed everything, and cut my t-shirt. It was amazing  to think and reflect on where God sent me, the experiences I had, and how He molded me through  those experiences. One word that constantly came to mind, trust. I felt God telling me to trust Him  with my next transition. My deployment journal had several experiences outlining moments where I  had no choice but to trust God, and it's a principal I'm still working on this very day. The creating of  yarn felt very symbolic; cutting pieces of something that was a shirt and creating it into something  new. That's what God has done before and will continue to do with my life.