WWHB Exhibition

WWHB: A Narrative Collaboration With Liberty Worth
Inbreak Team
February 28, 2022

Inbreak and Dea Studios are pleased to present an in-person exhibition of "Where We Have Been & Where We Hope to Be" (WWHB). WWHB is a narrative collaboration led by 2021 Inbreak resident Liberty Worth. "Where We Have Been and Where We Hope to Be" is Liberty's current series of quilts created as a meditation on grief, hopes, and history in response to the murder of George Floyd and protests in 2020. She constructs these quilts using scraps of African fabrics in simple blocks. Early 2021 she extended this practice and created a series of videos and materials from her own work and some of the materials from the Inbreak residency. She then pitched the series to a small diverse group of friends and colleagues, inviting them to collaborate with her.

The participants created works of their own. Each went through the steps of learning the materials (Session 1), mapping their heritage (Session 2), honoring their grief (Session 3) and investigating hope (Session 4). Digital artists turned the project digital, writers wrote profound statements and visual artists pushed boundaries. This is their work. Visit each one to view their paper and digital quilts and the quilts Liberty created in response to their works. Each artist has written a corresponding statement about their work.

Follow the project on Instagram @havebeenandhopetobe.

Exhibition Dates: September 18th - October 30th

Opening Reception: September 18th, 5p-8p

Closing Reception: October 30th, 4p-6p

Location: The exhibition will be hosted by Irenic Projects at Missiongathering Pasadena - 789 North Altadena Drive, Pasadena, CA 91107.

*Image by Danny Martinez

View featured works from the exhibition!